Grunge Shirts

Hi you, welcome to our grunge t-shirt section. If you love this style of clothing straight from Seattle considered the cradle of the grunge movement, then you are at the right place. As you probably know (or not!) the grunge style is above all inspired by the 80's rock genre! Our grunge style is a crazy mix of heavy metal, punk, and pop, all remixed by Nirvana and Pearl Jam, two of the most famous grunge bands!  You're looking for a particular Hoodie? discover our collection of Grunge Hoodie. Kurt Cobain, muse of the grunge movement that he created himself, made us see the extent of this style through plaid shirts, ripped jeans and leather jacket's all that sprinkled with an intense shaking of hair and the icon of a whole generation was born! So how do you embrace this loose but meaningful style?

Here, we try to decipher for you, how to adopt and enhance your grunge shirts. We're not going to lie, the grunge style is a bit of a hippie mix that pulls on punk without being so extreme, the goal is to please a rebellious and idle American youth of the 80s. Even if the grunge style dates back to the '80s and few bands today could claim to take over the torch of Nirvana or another emblematic band, the grunge clothing style, on the contrary, remains perfectly current and continues, of course, to be associated with a rebellious youth who agrees to be against the current of fast fashion and another model of our standardized society. So if you too have a message to wear or if you simply like the loose style of this clothing trend then welcome and good shopping!

Grunge t-shirt

We must be clear and honest with you, before becoming an offbeat clothing style and a rock musical style, grunge is above all a philosophy. You can eventually recognize yourself in this philosophy, even if it's not rare to hear about the pandemic, it's quite rare to hear about its consequences with the despair of the 80s. So what is this philosophy? The grunge style is the clothing and musical style of generation X, this disillusioned generation that has no confidence in the future or their future. It's a very pessimistic generation that can't find a stable job or a well-paid job! So how to adopt a style of dress so heavy with meaning?

Forget the logos and other branded clothes, what we want in the grungy style is an impression of life, clothes with holes, worn and torn will largely do the trick, so go and see our collection of grunge tees which gives this aspect to the tee-shirt or be satisfied with the thrift store around the corner (between us, shopping on our online store will be much more profitable because, despite an impression of wear and tear, our clothes are of unique quality and will last in time!) Then the big must-have of this trend remains the large check shirt, so roll up your sleeves and don't hesitate to put on a good old jacket to go with it. We also suggest you tee-shirts with the effigy of a good old rock band or black tee-shirts with shocking sentences! The most important thing in the grunge style is not to embody a character but to be who you are!

90s grunge shirt

The 90’s grunge shirts are the precursors of what we can see today in terms of grunge fashion because it is from this era that this style of clothing comes. To be a grunge girl, you have to know that it's not enough to dress like one, you also have to listen to the right music and adopt the right attitude. First of all, you have to find your definition of grunge, what do you want to show to the world? What makes you want to adopt an "anti-fashion"?

Why don't you want to fit into the mold of this materialistic society? You have to stay true to yourself without worrying about what others think! But you have to pay attention to the various problems of society and not be afraid to impose your point of view on others. In terms of clothing, what does this mean in concrete terms? Adopt a deliberate wear style, the plaid shirt should be loose and casual, don't button it up, and don't be afraid to tie it around your waist, wear 90's grunge shirts under your shirt, your favorite 90's band's t-shirt will do the trick.

For a more feminine look, adopt crop tops that will slightly uncover your belly and highlight your waist, with dark patterns like aliens or other smiley and an asymmetrical edge you stay squarely in the grunge style. In conclusion, for a real grunge style, look a few decades in the past and you will find your happiness!

Aesthetic grunge shirt

Now we are going to show you how the grunge style has strongly inspired some aesthetic grunge shirts! So how does the grunge aesthetic fashion work? Well, if you like patterns, plaid, leopard, and tartan, then the grunge style is for you! Then it's a style where it's easy to combine the slim/oversize, to make contrasts of look, to wear very large clothes while accessorizing with feminine shoes for example, from the sneaker to the boot, the grunge style is not rigorous on the pair of shoes you wear and likes precisely the contrast of the grungy with a more feminine fashion.

The grunge aesthetic style is also perfect for winter, it's the layering of clothes that we are looking for, the shirt, the sweater, and the leather jacket you are ready to spend a winter so comfortable and stylish corresponding to your ideals. The grunge can be declined in sportswear look, we will then adopt the teddys, the number sweater with leather jacket and skinny jeans with holes, you can accessorize your look with a hat for a more enigmatic style. You want to play a more feminine card, opt for colored cardigans, a black leather skirt, and do not deprive yourself especially of jewels, they will be the feminine touch of your style!

If you want to play the rocker for a night, adopt black skinny jeans, checks on your top, and military boots a little badass style. In conclusion, the best thing to do is to stay true to yourself and as you can see there is something for everyone!

Vintage grunge shirts

When getting into grunge fashion, as I assured you earlier, the best thing to do is to look back a few decades and take inspiration from these looks to create your style. Grunge fashion was the aesthetic of the '90s, so vintage is out there. You can start by taking inspiration from clothes you can find at thrift stores, baggy sweaters, oversized shirts, and holey tees that showcase the rock band in your heart.

You can also opt for big rings especially for women to contrast with hands with feminine nail polish, the patchwork is also current and was in previous decades, wearing jeans with holes is good, wearing jeans mended in a hurry, or with patches with unique patterns is even better. We also invite you to opt for oversized dresses and loose knits, with jeans with holes or skirts, and fishnet stockings with black boots, your look will be even more beautiful! We invite you to check out our vintage grunge shirts section if you want to know more!

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