Aesthetic Sweatshirts

Hi there, welcome to the "aesthetic sweatshirts" section of our online store. Here you will find as many types of sweatshirts as there are personalities in this world. You will find your happiness for sure! We propose you discover several forms of sweatshirts, of course, you will find here, basic sweatshirts but also oversize sweatshirts if you are a fan of the loose style! We also offer you the possibility to emphasize your bust by wearing the crop top shape which is just too pretty with high waist jeans! Apart from the shape, our sweatshirts are composed of a wide range of colors that will match your personality and your wardrobe.

Our sweatshirts are of very high quality and offer you a diverse range of materials in which they are designed, you will find cotton of course but also wool! You're looking for a crop top? discover our collection of Aesthetic Crop TopsThe wool will bring you a maximum of comfort outside but they will be even softer if you wrap yourself in them on a winter evening with a hot chocolate and a good series! Our sweatshirts are designed to make everyone feel comfortable and in perfect harmony with their personality. We are going to develop here, the three types of sweatshirts that you will be able to find globally on our website, don't hesitate to read the descriptions of each category because you might find some surprises! Behind the three main titles of our description do not forget that there are all personalities and yours as unique as it is too! We strive here to bring out the best in you and your personality!

Cute aesthetic sweatshirts

Just like our hoodies, our sweatshirts (especially during winter!) will become a staple in your wardrobe. Not only will they showcase your personality and values, but they will keep you warm and so comfortable that you'll never want to leave them (even when you're sleeping you'll wear them if it's really cold in your house, I swear). And even when it's warmer, you'll find yourself still wearing them because you'll fall in love with the styles they give! If you like the cutie and the childishness, then you're in the right place. Here, we strive to find clothes for everyone. So yes, if you want pink, nude, or pastel colors to make your wardrobe soft and crisp then we have what you need! We will offer you cotton or wool sweatshirts depending on the fragility of your skin. Aesthetic cotton sweatshirts are simple and basic when they're all white, but here you know we're all about making you happy, so in addition to adding cute colors, we've designated unique pieces with such sweet designs for you. You'll feel an irresistible urge to buy them because they're so cute! Hearts, flowers, clouds, and suns will brighten your day! We also have some fun designs that are still so sweet! You will also be able to find oversized aesthetic sweatshirts in Japanese style and kawaii aesthetic sweatshirts that will make you feel more adorable than ever. The kawaii style widely adopted by the whole world now comes from the Japanese culture and means "cute", we say that our sweatshirts are kawaii because of pastel colors or pink, they can feature anime characters so nice to look at. Never forget, choosing your sweatshirts is choosing your personality!

Tumblr aesthetic sweatshirts

The Tumblr style is in the same family as the aesthetic look. Moreover, it is this same social network that has seen the appearance of the aesthetic style in the 2010s. So concretely what do we propose to you in this section? I'm going to propose you discover all the pieces that form today the aesthetic style and that appeared on Tumblr. Already I think you will have noticed, the aesthetic look adapts to all personalities by taking references in environments that can be different. In a background that will always remain urban, we will add references from the '80s of course but also references to the grunge and gothic style of the 2000s sprinkled with a touch of Japanese fashion. As I said, there is something for everyone! So how did the aesthetic style on Tumblr come about? It all started with the staging of aesthetic college sweatshirts, with a biker or baggy jeans, this kind of outfit directly conquered the Tumblr users who decided to make it a new fashion! Then, we designed sweatshirts more in a grungy style to bring out the dark side of your personality; first simply with black aesthetic sweatshirts and a shocking phrase written in white and then with black sweatshirts and manga and anime designs a bit grungy. Everything is a bit inspired by the skater style of sweatshirts, the oversized, stylish, and cool side is definitely in the aesthetic look! You can, of course, find all these items in our shop!

Pastel aesthetic sweatshirts

Hi, you who wants to stand out with pastel colors! Pastel colors are back on-trend, it's undeniable, lavender, light yellow, baby blue, or pink for that matter and almond green are back on the scene. Less shocking and flashy than the original colors, pastel colors remain soothing and fit perfectly to the skin of personalities more calm and soft. With a slightly faded style, pastel colors go well with loose jeans to pass the dress codes smoothly. Pastel colors are said to be relaxing and will bring softness to your wardrobe. Despite everything in contexts of the health crisis, the return of pastel colors in your wardrobe sounds like a return to calm and confidence in the future, in these difficult times if you need to be reassured and put in cocoon pastel colors are made for you. These colors are also neutral and will allow you to stay in the background if you tend to have a more shy personality. Of course, you can also mix our aesthetic pastel sweatshirts with fluorescent accessories, this mix of colors a little flashy will have no trouble reminding us of the 80s! Love yourself as you love our sweatshirts, your life will be better!

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