Aesthetic Skirts

The skirt, what to say, there is for all the tastes, long, short, flared, long, plaid, everyone can find his account and put it in his way to the taste of the day. In the aesthetic trend, the skirt plays a big role, indeed the skirt is timeless, it persists in time without ever being fashionable and each era has transformed the skirt to fit the trend of the moment. Indeed, we must not forget that the aesthetic style often tends to put forward pieces of the last decades so that we find ourselves with a mixture of skirts all as unique as each other. We will help you to untangle these trends that can be difficult to decipher when you just start to be interested and to transform your wardrobe so that it corresponds to the aesthetic trend! It is also important to know that aesthetic fashion is based on a fundamental pillar, it must be pretty to look at, and what is more beautiful than the body of a woman! Even if there is for all the tastes, the skirt it is also that, the revolution of the codes of beauty and when we look through the times, more the skirt was short more the claims were strong. Behind the history of the skirt, it is not necessary to forget that there is the history of the women, as heavy of sense is it! Today, even if it is essentially made to be beautiful to look at, it is also a real sign of rebellion to fight against street harassment, it has become a real symbol! Sexy, bohemian, or grungy, the skirt will be a real asset for your wardrobe! Choosing your skirt is choosing your values, what you want to show to the world, so choosing our aesthetic skirts is choosing your image!

Aesthetic skirt outfit 

To propose you some skirts which will become themselves aesthetic skirt outfits we are going to go up the skirts through the times. If skirts have always been in fashion it's because they had real ease of adaptation. According to the times, women have always been more or less mediatized and by definition, their clothes and accessories were too. The skirts have therefore often been through the times' carriers of the message, and cause as important as each other. The first look that we will address and the first era especially are the 60s, today we use the clothes of the 60s to create a true bohemian chic look that is very pleasant to watch. The skirts of the 60s are often long dresses see very long and a little pleated, very fluid, they are very comfortable and do not stick to the skin, if they can be suede we will assimilate to a real Indian style that makes unique with fringed hats! This outfit can be accessorized with large necklaces and strappy shoes. In the 60s, we will also have the appearance of the miniskirt, a true icon, it signs the liberation of the woman's body. If we look a little later, the 80's also lent themselves to the game, with the appearance of new movements, we find several styles of skirts that stick to different personalities! The punk style puts forward rather short skirts, black or in any case in the very dark color, we are going to have here a game on the materials, the imitation leather or the leather being dominant we shall associate it with fishnet stockings or big boots. In the 80s, there is a wind of rebellion that reigns and that pushes women to wear rather wide pants than skirts! In the '90s, we find of course our grunge culture which brings back to the taste of the day the past skirts by buying them in a thrift store, we look for oversized pieces but always by remaining feminine and stylish, in the 90's we will find the famous scrunchy which crosses the times of course but which allowed especially to have a neglected appearance almost rock! Today even if all the skirts return on the front of the scene, the miniskirt signs its great return as to put a little light in the long and baggy clothes of these last decades!

Aesthetic outfits with skirts

Here, we will propose to you some looks that will highlight the nuggets that you will have unearthed in our store!

First of all, a must in the aesthetic fashion, the white skirt slightly short, pleated and skater which will come to sublimate your outfits, with a preppy style strongly inspired by the outfits of the American students, worn with a shirt just the collar exceeding, a sweatshirt and white sneakers, this look became the base of the aesthetic trend.

For a more eccentric 70's/80's style, we suggest you opt for a slightly short, floral, and very colorful skirt. Combined with a colorful cardigan or a candy pink sweater, your new style will only stand out!

If on the contrary, you want to opt for a more chic and bohemian look, I advise you to go for a long skirt, pleated, with shoes, either boots or golden sneakers, for example, you can always accessorize it with a long cream cardigan and a bohemian bun!

Once again, our outfits are just ideas and we advise you to adapt these ideas to your style to bring out your unique personality!

Cute aesthetic skirts

What's also great about fashion aesthetics is that it can showcase cute aesthetic skirts without looking tacky just by choosing the accessories.

For example, we bring out 80's floral skirts with a little hippie style, even if these skirts are short, they give a really cute style with white sneakers, we can even accessorize them with leopard patterns for an offbeat style! Besides the flowery skirts, we turn to the timeless denim skirt, well accessorized, with a cardigan a little crop top in pastel colors, we find ourselves with a cute look, very childish and stylish! The skirts can also stand out by their shape, a little frilly or lace and they become a must-have of the aesthetic trend! We can also create a look with skirts by decorating his outfit with a pink top with patterns of anime for example and a white band in the hair to remain trend.

Don't forget that you are the one who makes the trend, our skirts are simply there to help you make your dream outfits a reality!

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