Grunge Dress

The grunge style as we know it is a fashion that requires you to choose carefully the pieces that you wear to fully assert your personality and support with conviction your creativity. The goal is to choose the piece that fits you and that best reflects your desires and your choices. But then what about the grunge girls who want to remain feminine? When you build your wardrobe around the grunge style it is quite possible to wear dresses but still be careful to choose them well. If you want to opt for a dress, you will tend to choose a wide grunge dress, for the comfortable side, you can choose a long dress if you want to adopt a vintage style in addition to the grunge style with patterns characteristic of these decades, checks or large flowers will be there.

As we know, the grunge style is also to offer the possibility of shock trends, we can use a very short black dress with lace and wear big leather boots. The dress is a very important piece because we can imagine all types of dress grunge outfits by accessorizing our main piece with a denim jacket if it's cold or even a wool vest that can enhance your dress and create a unique look and trend. So why wear dresses? Wearing a dress is easy, no need to worry about whether my top matches my bottom and that's valid. Then the dress is comfortable we will not deny it a dress is comfortable to wear especially if it is long. We also like the fact that the grunge dress proves that it is possible to have a grunge style while remaining feminine. The dress will also sublimate your silhouette, if you like to wear it close to the body there will be a second skin effect and if you prefer it more oversize, it will give you a slim side. So what are you waiting for to adopt our grunge dresses? You're looking for a particular skirt? discover our collection of Grunge Skirt.

90s grunge dress

When we talk about grunge, we undeniably talk about the 90s, indeed it is in the 90s around Seattle that was born the band Nirvana but also and especially the phenomenon Kurt Cobain of the 90s with if you want to opt for a trendy look and especially vintage we advise you to go and see the side of the 90s where was born the soul of the style of grunge dresses. But what are then the grunge dresses straight out of the 90s? Already we agree, the fashion of the 90s marked a real turning point in the history of fashion, it is a decade that could almost be described as "too much" in terms of fashion, so we will explain how to bring this fashion up to date by learning to dose and creating your best outfits. In the 90s, we look for the checks, great trend, we will opt for a short dress with wool checks and straps, we break the codes with a top with short sleeves underneath and leather boots. Then the flowers and not just any, on dresses babydoll, we love the style and if you too I invite you to go directly to the section "babydoll grunge dress". We also adopt any type of dress but especially the oversized dresses by not forgetting the fishnet stockings or the torn tights. For a unique and vintage style adopt our 90s grunge dresses!

Black grunge dress

The real secret of the new grunge fashion is to take a rock accessory like boots or leather jacket, military boots, necklaces worn at the neck and accessorize it with a more feminine, more glamorous piece to make a very rock and rebel outfit but which also has its soft and wild side. To do this nothing better than to adopt the black grunge dress. The real central piece of some wardrobe, I invite you to try it and you will not be able to leave it. The black dress is a symbol of feminine power, sober, glamorous, and elegant dress at the same time, accessorize correctly it is the secret of a successful grunge look. The black dress is a must-have now how to properly accessorize a dress that may seem banal. We opt for jewelry, the necklace at the neck, the charm bracelet, and rings, at the limit of too much, we do not skimp on jewelry. Then oversized denim jacket or leather jacket all depends on your idea of outfit because there if the heart tells you, we can leave on a total black look with black boots. As for the tights, the fishnet stockings are a very good option, if you are afraid to be cold, adopt the openwork or lace tights which can make them trendy. What about the dress? Wide or short, the black dress can be worn in any cut, we love woolen dresses with turtlenecks, loose dresses with straps, and lace dresses, babydoll style dresses can also be a good option! You will have understood that adopting the black grunge dress that suits you will not be difficult!

White grunge dress

We just talked about black dresses so now a little yin-yang we will talk about the place of white dresses in the grunge style. The white dresses always make their little effect, like a fresh wind on your look it will sublimate you and can only make you shine so we will see how to adapt it to make a really grunge dress up. We can already try to choose it very loose and long to make a grunge outfit, we will have to accessorize it, we opt for military-style shoes to break the image of the wise girl and we put on our best leather jacket. We can, of course, opt for a shorter style of dress in these cases we try the dresses with lace or English embroideries which are very pretty and which will cut with the rock style of the grunge movement, we choose a jacket in oversized jeans and we accessorize with black boots we break the codes. We can also, for a more vintage side adopt a checkered look with white grunge dress, whether a coat or the dress itself checkered we love this outfit! The white dresses can also sublimate your grunge style!

Babydoll grunge dress 

The real grunge dress of the 90s is the grunge babydoll dress. The babydoll dress is loose, quite voluminous but light that we love to wear because it is so comfortable. We can find it with different types of collars but the most classic is the round neck even if we love the V neckline and it can be with puffed sleeves. The 90s grunge babydoll dresses were often with flowers, but we also found some with checks, of course since the return of the grunge trend, we adopt with fervor the babydoll dress that gives us an air of Lolita assumed. It will also give us a new youthfulness, an innocent air, and a breath of fresh air that contrasts with the grunge accessories such as leather jackets, wool vests, and military boots. So adopt your babydoll and play with the atypical side of beautiful leather boots for a proud grunge side!

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