Aesthetic Pants

To adopt an "aesthetic" style, we advise you to choose a look that suits you, that is part of you and that best brings out your personality. If the emphasis is on shirts and hoodies, we must not forget the importance of pants in the aesthetic fashion. In this trend, it is possible not to match your bottom and your top, it is the principle of aesthetics, to adopt an offbeat look and be proud of it. You're looking for a skirt? discover our collection of Aesthetic SkirtsYou are free to wear the pants that match you. When we speak about aesthetic fashion, we will speak about a pop tendency, about a look which comes out easy to look at but there is full of aesthetic look, it is enough to find the one which corresponds to you.

If you want to highlight a particular era through your style then we have some tips for you! In the 60's bohemian chic "aesthetic" fashion, here you will find bell bottoms, suede, boots, associated with the intellectual and artistic side of this trend. In the 70s, the return of the disco era, we advise you to rely on the style of Lana Del Rey, bell-bottoms, and short knotted shirt, this icon of the song has understood everything about this trend. In the '80s, all styles are mixed, we have the emergence of different subcultures that will allow you to find your style. The emergence of punk will lead you straight to ripped skinny jeans worn with fishnet stockings and the must-have, the leather jacket!

In the continuity, we will find of course the grunge fashion of the 90s. In the 80s we also have the beginning of sports like aerobics where we will find fluorescent colors often associated with mom or cargo jeans. The preppy fashion that invades the social network Instagram is strongly inspired by the sportswear of famous American schools, here we will find jogging and other khaki pants to practice sports such as riding or polo! Finally inspired by the streetwear style, comfortable and lose clothing, nothing better than a sweatshirt associated with cargo pants and platform shoes! In short, here you will find more than your style, you will find high quality that will become your must-have! That's what aesthetic pants are all about!

Aesthetic cargo pants 

The aesthetic trend is also that, leave its comfort zone to explore the field of possibilities. The cargo pants of the 2000s have changed and for good reason, halfway between military fatigues and slim jeans, you must surely recognize it with its two essential pockets on each leg that gives it volume and the appearance of a parachute. But this year it is back and is taken over by the biggest brands and that is why you will inevitably find it in our ranks because we strive to offer you unique pieces at the forefront of the trend.

So why and how to adopt this unique style piece that will not hesitate to give you a boyish style at its lost hours? First of all, I don't know if you're like us but the advantage of cargo pants over skinny jeans is that they are so wide and comfortable that you almost forget the feeling of wearing pants. The cargo pants like any other oversize piece have the particularity to adapt to all the silhouettes and all the morphologies, for our biggest happiness. You have a slim waist, you have the embarrassment of choice, all colors, polka dots, plaid or faux leather, cargo pants are for you! You have a slim waist and you want to highlight it, it's also possible, then opt for the low waist cargo pants!

If you have curves, the cargo pants are also made for you, with khaki and black colors, it will refine your figure and will allow you to assume your curves! Then you can twist it with totally different materials like wool (which will keep you so warm in winter!), imitation leather, or even real jeans which will give you a real style! The aesthetic cargo pants are the must-have of your wardrobe if you want to adopt an aesthetic style. They are much more versatile than you might think and will give your outfits an incredible and unbeatable style! Unique and trendy style is yours!

Yellow aesthetic pants 

As I told you earlier, there are several kinds of aesthetic looks to adopt depending on what you are looking for and of course depending on your personality. Here we are going to talk about the potentially hippie chic look that you can give to your wardrobe without changing all the pieces that you have in your dressing room. If you want to opt for unique pants that change from what you can find in fast fashion, we advise you to turn to colors that stand out.

If you have an eccentric personality and you assume your choices and your desires then I advise you to start directly on flashy colors, yellow, blue, red with any form of pants, skinny, cargo or mom, your piece will be a unique piece to accessorize according to your moods you can opt for a simple crop top or a loose down jacket even better if it is colored you will create a real style and a shock of colors that will remind us strongly of the '80s and their look a little bit offbeat.

Another possibility that can correspond to many personalities, opt for rather a pastel colors, stockings a little more neutral for the shy people who want to remain in withdrawal while being stylish! Then it's the same, you have the embarrassment of choice, yellow aesthetic pants pastel through the light blue or pink baby, your wardrobe will be enhanced! Especially since pastel colors reflect the fashion aesthetic. Yellow is not an easy color to wear, just don't overdo it, and wearing yellow won't be a burden anymore, you just have to know how to accessorize it well, by assuming a fluorescent or mustard yellow for a bit of a streetwear style or a more creamy yellow for a cuter but still cool look. To find your style and have fun!

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