5 tips for wearing the grunge style

by JULES BOUGARD on Sep 09, 2021

5 tips for wearing the grunge style
Comment avoir un style grunge ? Femme avec un style grunge

You've probably already heard of the grunge style. What does it make you think of? The 90's of course! It's a look that's about 30 years old, but it's still going strong today. More and more people, both men and women, are getting into the grunge style, but what exactly is it? Many call it a sloppy look, but it's important to know exactly what it refers to. This article will help you learn a little more about this look and especially how to adopt the grunge style.

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

What is the grunge style?

It is a 90's style as we said at the beginning. But it's also a look that feels like a sartorial mess. In fact, it's a clothing style that makes it look like you didn't take enough time when choosing your clothes, despite the fact that they look great on you.

Comprendre le style grunge

Grunge fashion has become one of the most sought after trends, characterized by carefree, comfortable and heavy layers. Grunge style is easily recognizable by the details and vibes that make an outfit look worn and sloppy. This translates into ripped jeans, second-hand clothes, slouchy sweaters and tops, loose jackets and pants, graphic t-shirts, bulky shoes (sneakers, combat boots), dark colors, cropped tops, pattern mixing (learn to mix prints and patterns) and casual hairstyles.

Very often, the person who wears grunge clothing looks like a street beggar, who has no choice but to wear worn-out clothes. On closer inspection, it becomes clear that grunge clothing is of excellent quality and has a welcoming exterior. With their outfits, grunge style followers show the public their indifference to their appearance, their clothes and the material world in general, conveying spiritual supremacy to the public.

The main grunge style clothing for women

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

Grunge Pants Ideas

Casual pants-whether loose or skinny, barely ripped or barely intact-are a staple of grunge fashion. While distressed jeans are often associated with teens and celebrities, anyone of any age can wear them. All you need to do is find a pair that is as bold or subtle as you are. Opt for giant cutouts or go for practicality: even a small tear in the knee conveys a lot of energy and challenge.

To embody the classic feminine grunge look, wear ripped jeans with a wide band tee, flannel shirt and simple sneakers. If you're opting for destroy denim shorts, try layering them with fishnet bottoms!

Grunge Shirts Ideas

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

Flannel is the perfect outerwear for transitional times. We love that there are so many styles of plaids available, from understated to eye-catching, from cute to bold. There's flannel for almost everyone.

Pair your flannel top with simple patterned bottoms and shoes to keep your outfit understated.

Grunge Dress Ideas

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

Grunge fashion isn't always slouchy and form-concealing. Slinky dresses, which burst onto the fashion scene in the '90s thanks to grunge-influenced women like Courtney Love, have a sexy dress style that you can and should try to mix into your repertoire. Although they are often designed for slightly built women, strapless dresses can actually work for all women, regardless of their size or shape. Strapless dresses are definitely a mainstay of women's grunge fashion, due to their easy-to-wear nature.

Wear a strapless dress alone for an elegant look or layer it over a tee for a more urban look.

Grunge Jacket Ideas

Yes, women's casual sweaters are the height of classic grunge, but we definitely wouldn't want you to underestimate the stylistic power of a motorcycle-ready leather jacket. Whether you're a fashion regular or not, this type of jacket can add a lot of power to your look. There's something about the hard lines and childlike design. It introduces an interesting texture to juxtapose with softer textures, whether they are denim, cotton or otherwise. It also adds instant style to any feminine grunge fashion look, even when paired with casual or preppy items.

Grunge Crop Top Ideas

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

It would be impossible to talk about how to dress grunge without mentioning the crop top. Sturdy and versatile, this crop top works with a variety of styles, from free-spirited bohemian to hardcore punk. Choose a black or brown for classic grunge style.

Some expert advice on how to dress in grunge style!

If you're tired of glamour and business fashion, the grunge trend is a cool style to adopt. Just follow these easy grunge fashion tips!

  • Go for dark colors, because the color of grunge is black. Modern grunge also allows you to wear gray, neutral tones and colors other than black, however, the essential grunge likes darkness.
  • Update your wardrobe with denim. This can be a denim jacket or vest, shorts or denim jeans, preferably ripped, worn, faded or dark.
  • Leggings and lace, ripped or patterned tights in darker shades have become staples of a grunge-style wardrobe, replacing denim. If you don't like baggy jeans, you might want to embrace this trend.
  • Crop tops are a must have for a grunge chic look for women. If you want to have a more feminine look, you can opt for grunge sweaters. You can wear your crop top over leggings or tight jeans, or with denim shorts, also pairing it with a jacket.
  • It's hard to imagine women's grunge style without the signature banded t-shirts and crop tops, or those with interesting graphic prints and patterns. You can also choose a t-shirt with flag patterns.

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

  • Leather in all its forms has become an important detail in the grunge style. It can be a leather biker jacket or shorts, a leather skirt or leather boots. A tight black leather dress worn with patterned or ripped tights will instantly make you look grungy.
  • Forget the heels and opt for shoes that hurt! Grunge style is all about comfort and carefree style. Black sneakers or combat boots are must-haves for a totally chic grunge look.
  • Details matter in grunge style! Don't forget to finish with fashionable
  • accessories, like chains, spikes, studs, zippers and metallic details. Round sunglasses and a scarf can also be a great addition. When choosing grunge accessories for women, try to be minimal, choosing this or that item and not all at once.
  • Diapering is grunge! Don't be afraid to experiment! Layer, mix and match, play with contrasting prints and patterns with confidence, creating stunning new grunge looks for women.

What about the grunge style in hair ?

Les coiffures pour un bon style grunge

Grunge hairstyles don't require any special care. Here, the messier the better. Also, grunge hair is almost greasy, but it still looks great. Relaxed "bed hair" is what you need, instead of overly feminine hairstyles!

Any change in style is always exciting and interesting! If you want to feel completely different in your body, if you want to improve your mood, don't be afraid of radical changes and adopt a new style. Put aside your complexes, restrictions, and embrace the grunge fashion trend in all its glory! Keep in mind that there is no special guide to grunge style: just wear what you really like and you will surely find your special grunge style comfortable and cozy!

5 tips for wearing the grunge style

You will have understood, the grunge style has nothing conventional, it is rather strange, even if it remains in fashion and goes wonderfully to more than one. If you haven't found your style yet, test the grunge, you won't be disappointed. It's not just about putting on clothes that look strange and weird, but it's about feeling good about yourself while putting them on. This is what makes the grunge style that has become a reference nowadays.

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